Window Accessories

1. Window Sills

Window sills are an integral part of any window. The main purpose of a sill is to cast water away from the fabric of the building and to prevent water ingress.

Uni Windows supply a wide range of wooden and metal sills in order to compliment our wide and varied range of windows. The flush casement wooden window comes with an external wooden sill as standard.

Our other window profiles are fitted with metal sills as standard.
Our external sills can be supplied in a range of colours in order to match your window frames and can be supplied in widths up to 400mm to suit almost any wall construction.

Our internal sills can also be finished in a variety of different colour in order to compliment the internal decoration of your room

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Uniwin Window Sills

2. Uni Windows Manual & Power Blinds

Why not try our range of internal aluminium blinds? Our product range includes the ‘Energy Blind’. This solar powered blind utilises the power of the sun to open and close the blind.

There is no need for wires as the solar panel and motor are integrated into the blind.

The system also comes with a remote control so you can open your blinds at the touch of a button.
The blinds are available in a number of colour and wood finish options and fit most standard window sizes.

The blinds can also come with a standard manual pull cord and fit neatly inside the window frame for an aesthetically pleasing look.

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Uniwin Window Blinds

3. Insect Screens

Insect screens can be a useful addition to windows in areas prone to high levels of insect activity such as the West Coast of Scotland.

The insect screen can be easily fitted to any existing window and allows the user to keep the window open while preventing the ingress of insects.
The screen is cleverly designed so that it will not interfere with the motion of the window allowing the window to be tilted or slid to the open position.

The manufactured material is highly resistant to weathering and the screen is easily removed for cleaning purposes.
Our screens can also be fitted to existing doors or balconies using a hinge and spring system which will allow the door to open as normal.

We have several different profiles in order to suit almost all window types.

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Uniwin Insect Screens

4. Special Eco Trickle Vents

With the best insulation properties the AEROMAT100 fan provides fresh air without the burden of allowing the external noise into the building.

The 100 AEROMAT can be used for both passive and active ventilation. The cleverly designed vent uses differences in pressure to allow it to open and close. The vent can also be manually adjusted.

With high performance insulating properties AEROMAT 100 provides enough ventilation while preventing the ingress of sound. The vent is ideally suited to living rooms, hotels and offices.

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Uniwin Special Eco Trickle Vents

5. Window Handles

HOPPE is a company who deal in quality. The touch and feel of a HOPPE handle is second to none and will remind you what quality really is.

All factories in the HOPPE Group (Germany, Italy and Czech Republic) are governed by a strict code of practice and are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

Efforts to improve the quality remains paramount to HOPPE and they are aware that it is not enough to produce technically perfect products but that innovation and quality of design must always be improved.

Performance requirements, compliance with applicable regulations, short production cycles and, in particular responsiveness to customers is at the heart of the HOPPE brand.

For people who want beauty in their home HOPPE is the leading European brand of door and window handles. HOPPE products are of superior quality but at a price that’s fair.

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Uniwin Window Handles

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