Numerous refurbishments to improve the thermal isolation properties of new windows lead to mould growth/emergence of moulds. New windows have multidimensional isolation which causes minimal/imperceptible vaules of gap air circulation.
As a result, there is no air circulation when the windows are closed. A sufficient and regular ventilation after a window replacement is essential. During the absence, protection against burglary or during the winter months when it is not possible to provide the required air exchange. 
And high energy costs are the reason why people often leave windows closed.
In the period of absence, prevention of burglary or in winter…when it is not possible to ensure regular air circulation. The high energy costs are another reason why people often leave their windows closed.


We have a solution for you
An automatically working fan was developed along with the Basic Air plus ventilation, which regulates the air circulation in relation to the requirements of the environments and which at the same time lowers the energy consumption while still maintaining hygienic environment in the room in relation to environmental requirements.

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