Isotherm 85

Isotherm 85 is a modern system of UPVC windows, where the emphasis is on improving the thermal parameters. The manufacture technology has been based on the Aluplast IDEAL 8000 series.

Characteristics of the product:

– mounting depth: 85mm

– six-chamber profiles

– three-gasket system

– energy-saving package of 3 window panels with a thickness
of 48mm Ug = 0.5 W/m2K with warm edge spacer system.

All these elements affect the creation of a window which is characterized by very low heat permeability, which meets the standards of thermal protection for doors and windows installed in passive buildings. The value of heat penetration for a window of reference dimension is Uw = 0.8 W/m2K.

The set of three gaskets, apart from improving the thermal properties of windows, contributes to the amelioration of their acoustic resistance. Thanks to the separation, by the application of the third gasket, of the so-called dry chamber in which the fittings operate, their service life and durability significantly increase.

UPVC windows consist mainly of profiles and glass panes, therefore the optimal situation for energy efficiency and the whole structure is to ensure the successful mating of both of these components, and also to maximize their individual properties.

The bigger depth of the section, as well as the widening of the pane notches, providing the possibility of glazing the windows with the two-chamber packages of multiple glazed panels, is an example of a synergistic use of component properties in order to ensure our customers additional benefits.



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